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Our private tutoring services is aimed at offering opportunities to those willing but incapacitated to study in  our study center. Or parents that require a sound Islamic and Arabic education for their children.


Our E-Learning platform makes it easier for students far away both locally and internationally to begin their studies.This is to emphasize the fact that distance shouldn't be a barrier to learning.


Students can also join us for their offline programs at our centre which is located at 1,balogun street,off university road, Abule oja, Yaba, Lagos


 النحو وعلم الصرف (Arabic morphology and syntax)

النحو وعلم الصرف (Arabic morphology and syntax)

This section explains more on the rudiments,syntax and morphological section in the madrasah. It is the Arabic section where the student learn how to speak Arabic language

علوم الدين

علوم الدين

This is the shariah section where students learn shariah related subjects including Hadith,fiqh,Aqeedah and so on.

علم القران.

علم القران.

This is the Qur'an section.In this section,students learn how to read the Qur'an,Tajweed and so on.


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  • Al- Fajr Tutelage is a value - rendering educational agency that provides qualitative, rare and unique purely Islamic education; with modern technology and internationally recognizable standard.

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