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This is Control Fright Forwarding

We are group of freight fawaders that coordinate local and international cargo delivery service through Land, ocean and air freight shipment. We organize a safety, efficient and cost effective shipping deals between a shipper and a shipping line. The Green Initiative : Our company cares about keeping our planet healthy and green. We recognize that businesses have a special responsibility to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources. We take that responsibility seriously and are constantly looking for new ways to conserve and promote environmental solutions. Community Involvement : We believe that in order to make a positive impact in our local communities, we need to be involved. Learn how our employees participate in community involvement through volunteering, event sponsorships, partnering with local organizations, and finding different ways to use our delivery service to do something good for others. Compliance : Our Freight Forwarders Group has implemented a wide program designed to systematically identify and structurally avoid compliance risks. It was developed to protect our company and its employees. It is also designed to safeguard the collaboration with business partners based on trust both now and in the future. Business Opportunities : We are seeking local entrepreneurs and transportation companies to expand with us and provide Pickup and Delivery services and Line Haul services across our network. Careers : Come work for a great company with strong employee retention and a team of industry veterans who have a true passion for what they do. Thousands of companies across all industries rely on our company to deliver time-critical packages and documents every day because we’ve got an amazing team that goes the extra mile for our customers. We are always looking to expand our team with like-minded professionals, so take a look at available opportunities with our company and if you see a position of interest, send us your resume.

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Customer service

Customer support cannot be left out of the equation when choosing logistics company to handle your worldwide deliveries and that's why we are prompt and responsive. If your courier is unresponsive or is otherwise unhelpful it can not only be frustrating for you but also for your customer and could even leave them with a negative impression of your business post-purchase.

WAREHOUSE management and dispatch

We provide storage fascilities to managed your storage solutions, pick, pack and dispatch service as well as storage reporting so that you can keep track of your business and its stock. Our trained dispatch agents deliver your parcel to its assigned destination...

Order fulfilment

We handle your documents and relevant paper requirements...

Advance tracking capabilities

Our website tools help track your shipment and as well fill customs paperwork and schedule shipments


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