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This book covers everything you need to build a complete website and Android application.

You will be guided on how to manage your website and application yourself without contacting any developer.

This book will help entrepreneurs, students as well as professionals who want to make websites and Android applications themselves without contacting anyone.

You should be familiar with:
  • How to operate Android device
  • How to open web browser like Chrome, Opera, Firefox e.t.c
  • How to type and click buttons
  • How to install applications on Android device

Web & App Builder: Overview 


What is Web & App Builder?

Web & App Builder is a pure Android application which is basically used to build website and Android application without intervention of web or app developer. It has a beautiful interface which makes creation very easy with just a single click.

Advantages of Web & App Builder

  • It saves time – You can use this builder to create complete website or app in less than 10 minutes. You don’t need to wait for some weeks before getting a website or app.
  • Website or app works everywhere – Everyone around the world can access your website or app. This builder gives you opportunity to use custom domain e.g example.com for your website and upload your app on Google Play Store.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility – Your website can work on any browser and your app can work on all Android devices.
  • Manage your app or website anytime – You can edit or modify your website and app content any day, anytime.

Web & App Builder Versions
Latest version of this builder is version 1.0.0 which was launched in June, 2018.

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