Liquid air freshener Is a viable business opportunity as you can hardly walk into any home that doesn’t use this product. It does not cost much capital to start, with less than 10,000 naira; you can start small and grow big with diligence and dedication. Find below practical steps on how you can produce today 5 liters of pleasant smelling air freshener that you can begin supplying to homes and offices around your vicinity. Ensure you use water that is very clean for your production.

1. Methanol

 2. Menthol 1 liter Half teaspoon

 3. Texapon 1/16 kg

 4. Industrial Camphor

5. Perfume (lavender F) tip of teaspoon 500 ml

6. Colour your choice

7. Whitener 60ml

8. Clean Water 4 liters


Production Process of Air Freshener


NOTE: Perfume is the main ingredient that differentiates one air freshener from the other so you are welcome to try different fragrances which will help you to get a unique scent. Do not limit your perfume choices to lavender I used here. You can combine 3 different fragrances like jasmine, anbiphur and blue water or tangerine. Do not be held back in your imagination. The more perfume you use the stronger your air freshener will be and the longer it will leave a lasting scent. You can also seal your air freshener very tightly in a strong gallon and keep for about 1 week before you package for use.

STEP 1: Mix your menthol and camphor in 1 Liter of methanol inside a glass or plastics bottle with cover and allow the menthol and camphor to dissolve very well for 20 minutes. Shake it well to make sure everything is completely dissolved without crumbs.

STEP 2: Add 1/16 kg of Texapon with 1 liter of water in a small container, stir it well to dissolve properly. Avoid stirring it too hard so it doesn’t foam so much bubbles.

STEP 3: Add 3 liters of clean water inside a medium bowl that can allow you to stir

STEP 4: Add your 1 liter texapon mixture into the 3 liters of clean water and stir it well to blend for 3 minutes

STEP 5: Add your methanol mixture into the medium bowl with texapon and stir it well to blend for 5 minutes

STEP 6: Add in your whitener little by little and continue stirring till you get a very good blend. One of the functions of the whitener is that it helps to stop your air freshener from separating later on. So stir very well and have a good blend. NOTE: You can use whitener instead of color if you want your air freshener to be colorless.

STEP 7: Mix small amount of your color in 100ml of water, stir your color to dissolve and add gradual into your air freshener and stirBe observant so you don’t add too much color, try to be moderate. That’s why you should not add all at once. Be mindful of this, the less the better. Stir your air freshener well to blend.

STEP 8: Perfume is the last chemical you use in your air freshener production. Add in your choice perfume or combination of perfumes into the main mixture and stir it to blend well for 5 minutes NOTE: For best results, pour your air freshener in a strong gallon with strong cover. Cover the mouth with strong nylon and tighten the cover very well. Keep the air freshener in a cool place for 7 days to mature then you can package and sell. If you’re in a hurry, you can do same process and keep for 24 hours before you package for use.

TAKE NOTE: Your choice and quantity of perfume will determine the scent and strength of your air freshener. You are welcome to use your imagination and try different perfumes or combination of perfumes until you find something unique that will stand you out.

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