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10 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

10 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

In this article, I have discussed 10 common web design mistakes to avoid in 2021 in order to give users the best experience and to have a more effective website.

Internet users today spend more time browsing pages. They are exposed to design elements every day. They’ve developed their own set of expectations. It’s our job as site owners to create a website design that meets these expectations and doesn’t let them down.

Let’s dive straight in!

1. Using Navigation Too Complicated For Users

When people land on your website, they are looking for information. It may be they want to know something specific, like how to contact you, or they are looking to get a feel for your company and what you offer.

Whether they are looking for something specific or vague, they are going to surf around by clicking through your navigation.

It’s a common mistake to create complicated navigation for the sake of interesting looking design or because the designer is unclear on what information is a top priority for site users. Link what’s most important in your main navigation, label things clearly, and make it easy and instinctive for site visitors to get to know your business better.

2. Relying on Sliders For Your Home Page

This was a common trend for many years but in 2021 we don’t want to rely on this too much. If you love your sliders and are using them well, there are always exceptions! But if you are relying on your sliders to tell customers important information about products and benefits, you’re missing out.

Today’s internet users have less focus than ever before. If something interesting doesn’t catch their eye, they’re not going to watch through the sliders to wait for something interesting to appear.

Be concise. Keep interesting information where users can see it.

3. Not Using Headers

Header tags are a great way to make your most important information clear for users to see. It’s also a great way to get the most important information written on your page, where search engines like Google can see it.

4. No Contact Information In Footer

People need to find your address, phone number, and email quickly. The footer is the best place to put this info as it will be present on each page. This is also a good practice in order to rank well in local organic search results.

If contacting you is not easy to do, they’ll find someone else they can contact easily.

Having it easy to find your contact information also improves trust. If they can easily get a hold of you, you’re likely a real person and legitimate business.

5. Slow Loading Pages

Do you have the patience to wait around for a site to load? Most people don’t.

According to the latest reports, the standard time for a website to load a page in 2-3 seconds time. When a lot of users bounce from your page to find a site that loads quickly, Google will take notice and start lowering your site ranking.

Large images are usually the culprit for slow loading pages. You can use optimizers to shrink images to the min possible size while keeping the required level of quality.

6. Too Many Calls To Action

What do you want users to do on your site? call, email, sign up for a newsletter, get a free estimate?

When it’s unclear and there are too many options, it often leads to inaction. Use one main call to action sprinkled throughout your site.

7. Persistent Pop-ups

There’s a thin line between being helpful and annoying. Pop-ups can easily devolve into annoying territory.

They can convert but they can also block content, force action (such as drop-off), and can damage your reputation. Also, since 2017 Google started to penalize sites using pop-ups on mobile.

Learn how to use them only when necessary.

8. Not Having A Mobile-Friendly Site

57% of online users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. Not only will users run away from an unresponsive site, but search engines will also downrank it. Make sure to test your site on various devices and screen resolutions.

9. Auto-Playing Audio or Video With Sound

Try to avoid this mistake in your website design as visitors not always like automatic videos or audios. People love to listen to music but on their own terms. There’s nothing more annoying then audio playing suddenly into a user’s environment. Let your website visitors choose when they want to watch or listen to anything by giving them the chance to start and stop the video or audio.

10. Complex registration form or page

The registration page design is an essential part of website design. Creating it more appealing to look at and simple to fill out with the least amount of complications will not only boost the number of registered users into your business website but also help you to market your products in an efficient manner.

As far as the registration form of a website is concerned try to make the process easy and quick. Try to make things simple as no one likes tough work. If feasible, allow signup using well-liked social media websites such as Gmail or Facebook or Instagram.



Without any doubt, designing is a significant part which must be taken into consideration very seriously. If you were careless in any way in designing your website, you will certainly lose your position in the marketplace. So it is quite important to follow the best practices and ensuring that you are focusing on the core elements of the website that can certainly increase its integrity in 2021.

Happy site users are more likely to be repeat visitors. Keep your users happy by giving them the best experience and they’ll come back to you for information, and hopefully to do business in the future.


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Do you have questions or comments concerning this article? Do you know another common mistake that should be avoided? Please feel free to leave a reply below.