How To Create Online School Portal To Sell Your Courses

How To Create Online School Portal To Sell Your Courses

This tutorial will show you how to create Online School Website to sell your courses using Samora Bot.


  1. Samora App
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Android phone

Fig 1: Click on User Portal from your website manager.

Fig 2: Click on Admin Settings

Fig 3: Change None to Online School Website and click on Update button to activate the portal.

Note: You cannot change a portal type once you click on Update button again.

You should see above menu arrangement.

1. Students: It will show list of people that have registered on your website.

2. School Setup: This is where you will configure your store. It is explained below

School Setup is well explainable except above Paystack Public Key and Secret Key. These keys will be shown if you choose payment option to be Online Payment.

Follow below steps to get Paystack keys

  1. Register on
  2. Provide your information and wait till your account is approved
  3. Click on Settings from top right corner. Then click on API Keys & Webhooks. That's where you will copy your Keys to provide on Store Setup

In case you don't want Online Payment on your website, you can select Bank Transfer. Follow below steps to activate students once they make payment through transfer.

  1. Click on Students from menu
  2. Click on green icon circled and select course to activate for the student.

Click on + to add new course and set price for each course. If you provide 0 as price for a particular course, such course will be free for students to enroll.


By default, Samora doesn't come with Editor to format text and add more pictures, videos e.t.c. To add editor to above content box, follow below steps:

  • Click on Go to Add-ons from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on + to add new add-on
  • Click on + in front of Rich Text Editor to install it. After successful installation, go back to Manage Courses to add new course. You should see above screen in the content box
  • Click on circled icon to maximize the editor.

For questions and more light on this tutorial, Click on Messages from menu and click on to send us message.

Click on Website Manager to return to Website Manager. That's where you will design your website to your taste. Make you you click on Settings at first.

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