How To Add Livechat To Your Website

How To Add Livechat To Your Website

We have two types of livechat button you can add to your website namely: WhatsApp button and Tawk/Tidio Livechat. We will take them one after the other.

1. WhatsApp button

WhatsApp button shows like above in your website. Follow below to add it to your own website

1. Click on Settings from your manager menu.

  1. Enter your phone number with your country code E.g 2348161610410 then click on Save Changes. You can check your website to see the effect.

How to add Tidio livechat into your website

It must be 32 characters

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up and login into your account.
  3. Click on Above circled icon from menu then click on Integration. Click on JavaScript then copy the code there

    4. Paste the code into above circled box and click on Save Changes

Follow below steps to add Tawk Livechat into your website.