How To Create VTU Website Using Android Phone

How To Create VTU Website Using Android Phone

Virtual Top-Up (VTU) is a secure vending Platform which effectively managed the distribution of Prepaid products through a wide range of channels. Samora Bot is an application to create VTU website without delay. All you need will be created with this app as well. Before this tutorial begins, kindly install Samora here

Tutorial video

Tutorial Text

Open Samora app and click on where circled below to get started.

1. After opening Samora Bot, click on Free Website Builder

Samora Bot is a pure chatbot which you need to enter query or number before it can perform a function. Type to create a website, to login to website you have already created before.

After typing 1, Samora will ask some questions about website you wish to create and show below after successful website creation.

Samora will show you three links which were circled above.

First link will take you to your website, second link will take you to your Website Manager (where you will design your website to your taste) and third link will take you to custom domain in case you want to use a particular domain for your website. E.g, e.t.c

Click on the second link above

1. Click User Portal from the bottom of your website manager.

2. Click on Admin Settings

3. Select VTU Website under Portal Type then click on Update

4. Click on VTU Setup to configure VTU platform on your website.

5. Visit to signup and provide your Vtpass login email and password.

Note: Make sure you contact vtpass customer care to enable API access on your account. Your customers can't transact on your portal until you are granted for API access.

6. In case you want to use for Data, Airtime and Electricity Bill, visit to register and visit Get API to copy your User ID and API

Note: If you want to use clubkonnect, enter to here as your server IP on clubkonnect platform because it will be required before using clubkonnect's API.