How To Create Computer Based Test (CBT)

How To Create Computer Based Test (CBT)

Computer Based Test (CBT) is the use of information technology in assessment such as educational assessment, health assessment, psychiatric assessment, and psychological assessment. It allows 4 options for users to choose from.

You must create website first before you can create CBT. Click on above circled area to create free website and open your website manager.

After you have created website, click on above circled link to open your website manager.

1. Open Samora app and click on CBT from the bottom of your website manager.

2. Click on + to add new CBT

3. Test ID is a unique ID which if enabled, will be required before a student can access your CBT. You can generate Test ID for students so that they can use it to attempt your CBT.

4. Four tools are available for use: Add question, Copy CBT link, Edit CBT and Delete CBT

5. If you click on first underlined link, it will take you to list of questions and if you click on second link, it will show you student attempts and you can export their results into PDF, CSV and JSON.

6. First underlined link above will take you to where to generate Test ID while second link will merge multiple CBTs together. Click here to learn how to merge multiple CBTs.

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