How To Create Business Website With Samora Bot

How To Create Business Website With Samora Bot

This tutorial will show you how to create Business Website using Samora Bot.


  1. Samora App
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Android phone

Fig 1: Click on User Portal from your website manager.

Fig 2: Click on Admin Settings

Fig 3: Change None to Online Store Website and click on Update button to activate the portal.

Note: You cannot change a portal type once you click on Update button.

You should see above menu arrangement.

1. Clients: It will show list of people that have registered on your website.

2. Requested Quotes: This menu displays list of services needed by your clients from you.

Above shows list of requested quotes. If you click on where I circle, you will turn quite to project and your clients can view process of their projects.

3. Projects: This displays all projects you are handling. Sample is shown below

You can as well edit status of each project done.

Click on Website Manager to return to Website Manager. That's where you will design your website to your taste. Make you you click on Settings at first.

For questions and more light on this tutorial, Click on Messages from menu and click on to send us message.

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