How To Display People's Adverts On Your Website And Make Money

How To Display People's Adverts On Your Website And Make Money

Samora Ad is an online advertising add-on developed by Samora, where advertisers pay website owner to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content within website to web users. You must have installed Samora Bot from Google Play Store before using this add-on.
We assume you have Samora Bot installed, open it and follow below steps:

1. Click on link circled above to get started or use Web Website Manager to login to your website manager.

2. Click on Go to Add-ons as shown above. 

3. Click on + if you have not installed Advert Manager before.

4. You will see list of available add-ons as shown above. Click on where circled above to install it.

5. You will see above message if the add-on is installed correctly.

6. Advert Manager add-on comes with two links as shown above: Create Advert and All Adverts.

7. You will see above form if you click on Create Advert link.

8.  You can set location to display the adverts to your website users.
  • On Website: It means adverts will show to people if they click on any link from your website. Adverts will be shown based on Ad Interval specified during creation of advert.
  • On User Dashboard: This option is only available if you enable User Login/Signup on your portal. Adverts will be displayed to your users inside their dashboard.
  • On Website and Dashboard: Adverts will be displayed on both your website and user dashboard.
9. To preview your added advert, click on Ad image or title.