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Welcome to Treasure Tech , your number one learning source for all thing. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of products and services, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.we are the home of beautiful ideas... 

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How to create a professional Logo

We trained and create a promotion and professional logo design, to meet your budget and catch up with your business dream. Join our class today and discover the power of creativity from various experts. 

Web design

Learning is a continuous process and development , at Treasure Tech we provide you with expert in the field of business and digital market, we are not limited to our own knowledge, we have various home and international experts in our classes. 

Which gives to the the largest and latest learning experience you can get elsewhere. 

Promotional videos creation

Promotional videos has taken over the market and no one is going to the celebrity anymore to make a promotional videos, join our class and discover the power of promotional videos. 

We can make a profitable and promotional videos for your business. Learning isn't enough? get the expertise to make you proud. 



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Thanks for contacting us our services are listed below : 1. Web design and design services 2. Content Writing 3. Promotional videos 4. Whiteboard Animation 5. Barcode generator 6. Business Training etc
Your payment are 100% secure on our website, we use PAYSTACK online payment. Which makes it easier to pay either with credit card, transfer, ussd code and lots more.
You have total access to all your paid courses, in as much you have your login details.
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You can purchase your cheapest data subscription from us. Join our legit online money making opportunities


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