How To Make Healthy Yoghurt Without a Yoghurt Maker.

How To Make Healthy Yoghurt Without a Yoghurt Maker.

How To Make Healthy Yoghurt
Without a Yoghurt Maker

At a business seminar I attended sometimes ago, one of the speakers advised us to have at least three streams of income. So I started thinking of how to add to my income.

Some days later, I met a friend who advised me to pick up a skill in Yoghurt Making. I did as advised and I bless the day I took to that advice. Now I make good money from making yoghurt and smile to the bank everyday. 

To my amazement, the yoghurt business I started with just ₦5,000 has grown so large. Aside from that, I now treat my family to a healthy, yummy homemade yoghurt and save some money. 

Yoghurt Making is a very lucrative business one can start with a capital as low as ₦5,000.... Here is my prove of payment

🧨Ever thought of what lucrative trade or handiwork to learn? 

🧨Need an extra source of income?

🧨Wish to start making healthy homemade yoghurt for the family?

Here is an opportunity to learn something new that will be of so much value to you

Join Our 4-Day Intensive WhatsApp Class on
 “How to Make Healthy Yoghurt & Fruit Parfait in Different Varieties,
 Without a Yoghurt Machine ” for Just a Shikini Money. 

The Following will be Learnt in the Training:

📍Regular Yoghurt

📍Greek Yoghurt

📍Banana Yoghurt

📍Vanilla Yoghurt

📍Strawberry Yoghurt

📍Natural Sweeteners for Yoghurt

📍Simple & Easy Home Fermentation Method

📍Packaging & Business Opportunities

📍Fruit Parfait

The Training Consists of 97% Live Video Practicals and 3% Text Notes

Handiworks Of Some Of Our Ex-trainees

That’s seam not enough? 

What is the Registration Fee for the Training?

The Registration Fee for the Yoghurt WhatsApp Training is ₦5,000, but the first 50 persons to register will be paying just ₦2000 only

So Registration Fee is Just ₦ 2000 for Early Birds Only.

Training :  November / December , 2020 Edition 

Time: 8pm – 9pm Daily

To Register For the Training:

Pay ₦2,000 into the Account Details below:

Account Number: 7821059219



 After Payment Send your Name & Proof of payment to this link 👉Payment prove to join the Paid WhatsApp Group.

Once the first 50 persons have registered, price goes back to ₦5,000.

Interested in the training?
Click on the link below 

Don’t Miss This Life-changing Opportunity For Any Reason.

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