Learn How To Procure Goods Yourself From China Procure And Ship Your Goods Direct From China

Learn How To Procure Goods Yourself From China Procure And Ship Your Goods Direct From China

Learn How To Procure Goods Yourself From China

Procure and ship your Goods Directly from China to any

Location of your choice without Agents



My name is Victor Akinremi ,

am an onlineprenue, digital Strategies, mini importer, e-commerce expert and the CEO of TREASURE TECH by HIS  grace 
I started mini importation sometimes back and I heard from my master and many other importers that mini importation is one of the best and oil well business one can actually start with a very low capital and grow it very big in few months.
This remain the fact as long as things are very cheap from Chinese stores, most trainers and shoes we buy here in Nigeria at 7k are sold there for less than 3k i believe you can testify to that?
I know this is true as was thought by my master but when I started this business I was unable to make 100% profit as expected,
the first goods I imported after it landed, I realize that the quality of what I ordered was not actually what I saw on the site and the expenses were too much that I couldn’t make any profit.
This kept me wondering for some months what was really wrong, I couldn’t import anytime  again, rather I went on a serious research and these facts are behind failure in mini importation:
  • Buying through agents makes importation very costly to importers while agents get double profit, they charge you for agency fee while they still negotiate the price with suppliers and get a huge discount.
  • Inability to pay for your orders direct leads to the high cost of importation since an agent can increase the rate of yuan at any time:
I noticed that the rate of Chinese currency equivalent to Nigeria currency these agents give depends on how they want to fix and you have no choice if you are not buying direct by yourself.
There was a particular time I wanted to import a smartwatch I asked one of the agents the rate of yuan as at that time he  told me 1RMB is N70

I went ahead and ask the second agent and to my surprise, she told me that a yuan is
N65 and this was the same day which means they can change the price at their own will, quite different from what google gives.
  • Lack of cheap and reliable logistics company: Logistics or shipping companies have a greater impact on your importation business positively or negatively depending on their policies and cost, that’s why you need a shipping company with good policies and cheaper cost if you must succeed in the mini importation business.
  • Inability to register on 1688.com or Taobao.com  and navigate through the website to enjoy discounts and free local shipping: The price you see on 1688.com, Taobao.com , or Alibaba.com  website is cost price and not selling price depending on the quantity of a particular product you want to buy, the shipping fee is also estimated not the actual fee.
However, you don’t have access to these unless you register and become part of the market to enjoy all the benefits.
  • Unable to get suppliers and manufacturers’ contacts and negotiate prices with them: These Chinese stores have many manufactures and suppliers of similar products and therefore the price is very competitive.
A lot of suppliers and manufacturers in these Chinese stores are always willing to give a discount and offer free local shipping if you have access to talk to them but getting their contacts is always an obstacle for others.
I battled and struggled with these problems for eight months until  I later overcome them all and I can now tell you that I am a successful importer.
It’s amazing right?
Having Overcome all the challenges above and becoming a successful importer I can now order any quantity of goods direct from china without charges from anybody except my shipping fee,
Which is always normal for Importation
I decide to Announce this training for those who might be having the same challenges which I faced initially when I started or anybody looking for a profitable business to start and scale up to six or seven figures in few months of starting
 What You will Be Learning In The Training 
  • How to register free with 1688.com and Taobao.com where you will become part of the market and enjoy all the benefits.
  • Open or get a verified Alipay account and start buying directly from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers all by yourself.
  • How to Chat with Chinese companies even as they don’t understand English. (using another powerful method NOT google translate)
  • How to negotiate the price of products with sellers on 1688.com or Taobao.com .
  • How to make payment directly to Chinese Suppliers without anybody charging you for transaction fee.
  • How to navigate through 1688.com like a pro, even if the site fails to translate
  • How to get suppliers contacts and build a good and long-lasting relationship with them
  • How to use your Alipay account and procure goods for others while you collect your commission.
  • How to start your importation with little or no money (100% real)
  • Expensive mistakes one must avoid while shopping 1688.com or Taobao.com
  • Fast and Cheap shipping companies that can ship your goods from China to your location.
  • Hot products to sell fast in Nigeria.

Who Is This Offer Meant For

Am giving this free offer if:
  • You are already into mini importation and you are finding it very difficult to make a profit.
  • You want to start mini importation but don’t have the actual knowledge and connection you need to kickstart.
  • You are looking for a profitable and lucrative business you can start with very little capital and grow it to something bigger.
  • You once start a mini importation business but couldn’t make any profit and have given up.
  • You want to become a procurement agent, buying goods for others while you make a huge profit from them without spending anything as capital or investment.
  • You hear people say that one can start importation without capital and you wonder how could that be possible.

Is This Training For Everybody?

In as much as this training is free 
it is not meant for:
  • People who have the mentality that every opportunity online is a scam but can get girlfriends and boyfriends online.
  • People who can’t make a decision but keep procrastinating all the time.
  • People who always click on every advert they see but cant apply for once.
  • People who are always looking for Ponzi schemes, don’t want to work but get money.
  • People who enjoy sitting idle only complain that the government is not offering jobs. 

Why Are You Offering Such Training Worth Thousands Of Naira For Free, Is There Any Hidden Agenda Behind?

Many individuals and Businesses experienced a series of setbacks last year due to Covid-19 and EndSARS protest and it is high time people or Organisation with the ability to impact lives will come out to prove themselves as patriotic citizens by supporting people or small businesses to move forward this year.
and this is the little way Treasure Tech can assist.

I Am A Slow Learner, Is There Any Possibility That I Can Cope once  I Join The Training?

This training is online but contains videos, e-books and voice note that explains everything in clear terms, so it doesn’t really matter whether you are a newbie.

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