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Road Map

ZECLUT uses the greatest developments of recent years—instant transfers on any devices with small transaction fees and no technical struggles. ROADMAP Pushing up the boundaries of opportunities ROADMAP July 2019 The idea of creating ZECLUT the analysis of competitors, the need to create a project, the search for a team, consultations with specialists in specialized fields. August 2019 Preparation for ZECLUT ICO ZCT cryptocurrency development Global marketing and PR strategy development September 2019 Website development Ronex.io, registration in social networks, development of personal account and the bounty program. October 2019 Development of the basic MVP Crypto Exchange features started Development of the basic Wallet MVP features started API for token balance on dashboard Start of Referral program code November 2019 Start of Zetclut Crypto Bank development ICO timer and steps integration API for ICO website creation January 2020 Announcement of the project. Advance marketing among early investors. Preparation for the ICO. February 2020 Nodes for wallet currencies added Integration of RX Crypto Wallet into Ronex.io Ecosystem Integration of RX Crypto Exchange into Ronex.io Ecosystem March 2020 PRE-SALE Round 1: Octorber - December 01 $ $5 per token May 2020 Filing for the following licenses: Reg. D license, EMI license UK, EMI license Estonia, EMI license Eurozone, EMI license Singapore, Banking license Cayman Islands July 2020 Main Crypto Exchange features completed within Ecosystem Main Multi-currency Crypto Wallet features completed within Ecosystem September 2020 Announcement of the first beta version of the platform, with a minimum set of trading pairs, beta testing. January 2020 Release of the trading platform Zeclut exit to the cryptocurrency exchange. February 2021 Introduction of margin trading on the Zeclut exchange Completion of development of iOS and Android applications for the crypto-bank.


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